Successful criminal justice argumentative essay: best topics

criminal justice argumentative essay best topics

Difficulty selecting topics for argumentative justice essay

Criminal law is a branch of law that uses legal acts (laws) to determine whether a person’s actions are lawful. This is one of the largest branches of law in terms of the number of normative legal acts, which concerns all aspects of human life. This is undoubtedly the most severe of all parts of the law, which has the most severe types of punishment. A person convicted under the criminal law can receive a penalty from a verbal warning to several life sentences or even the death penalty, depending on the gravity of the crime and the country in which he or she lives.

Every year thousands of students enter law schools. In the United States, the cost of such training can range from 30 to 70 thousand dollars a year, depending on the university. This is the second most expensive specialty after medicine. But it is also one of the best-paid professions. Different countries have different methods and terms of study, but everywhere students are required to learn the laws and be able to use them. To do this, they are often given the task of writing essays on various legal topics to encourage students to analyze, think critically, and express their views on various legal issues.

How to write an essay better: General tips

An argumentative essay is one of the types of knowledge control in higher law schools. This type of written work allows teachers to check the level of awareness of the student in a particular topic, his or her ability to persuade, to consider ambiguous issues from different angles, to build arguments. 

Before you start writing an essay on any topic of your choice, you need to do some research. Explore all aspects and of your subject. Don’t limit your research to time and geography. You have the opportunity to study similar criminal precedents not only in different countries but also in different centuries. Take examples from both international case law and cases that have had a broad resonance in society. All this will help you to more fully show the evolution of criminal law, for example, by comparing criminal liability in advanced world countries and third world countries. It will definitely be appreciated.

Since criminal law is, first of all, a clear list of legislative acts, you also need to express your opinion clearly. Use a lot of facts and arguments. It will show the reader that you really worked hard on the research. No need for extra creativity, it will probably be perceived as a disadvantage, because criminal law is very conscientious.

No matter what direction and topic you choose: fraud, violence, murder, or theft, – you must adhere to a specific structure of essay writing.

  • Introduction.

In this part, you get acquainted with the reader. Tell about your research topic. Why did you choose it, what makes it unique and the idea you are going to reveal.

  • Main body.

Here you need to smoothly bring the reader to your opinion, tell the basic laws on which you will base your statements. And be sure to use real precedents as examples. This will show the reader that you have done quality research and are well prepared to write an essay. Here it is essential to reveal the topic from your point of view. So that the reader fully understands your main idea.

  • Conclusion.

This is the final part in which you need to summarize and draw your personal conclusions on the research topic. This part is usually the smallest, but the most important.

Sample of criminal justice argumentative essay 

How poverty affects the criminogenic state in society

It is known that crime and everything related to it is most common in third world countries. This is undoubted because there is a massive gap between rich and poor. In such states, prostitution, cartels, drugs, and other vices flourish. And a person born into a low-income family for lack of livelihood goes against the law. This is how gangs, cartels, and other groups are created, which are ready for anything for profit. 

Studies show that 70% of people who have been sentenced and served a prison sentence will be breaking the law again after returning to freedom. And everything will happen again in a circle. It has been proven that most children who grew up in socially positive areas do not break the law almost all their lives. Except for minor offenses in the form of fines. Or small fights in bars. At the same time, 90% of children from disadvantaged areas follow the criminal path. So, after analyzing all this information, it becomes clear that there are criminogenic zones where there are no ways to earn legally. And if our country will spend money not on the fight against crime, but prevention, it will definitely work. For example, take a small country like Liechtenstein. There live about 35.5 thousand people with an average annual income of 60 thousand euros per person. And the need for services such as the police, which is about 100 people, has virtually disappeared. The last murder was registered there in 2014.

Assessing all the above, we can conclude that to overcome crime in society, you need to fight the socio-economic situation of citizens, and the higher it is, the lower the crime.

Best topics for argumentative essay

Adoption and abortion

It’s no secret that law students have to study and memorize a vast amount of information. Also, they must perform many tasks, including written work. Often essay topics are pre-assigned by teachers to students. However, students often have to choose a new and relevant problem for analysis. 

Criminal justice is a rather controversial field. It often raises questions that we cannot give an unambiguous assessment of – is it right or wrong, legal or not. Such topics cause a lot of discussions and have not yet been resolved. We offer the following issues to consider.

  • Adoption and abortion: the criminal law aspect
  • Use of weapons by police: is it always justified?
  • Is the issue of extradition: legal or not?
  • Criminal liability for manifestations of racism
  • The suitability of tricks and concealment of the truth during interrogations and investigations
  • Drunk driving and legal consequences
  • A jury trial – a guarantee of a fair sentence?
  • The problem of rehabilitation of convicts and recidivism
  • Can a plea agreement really be an effective way to resolve criminal conflicts?
  • Child violence: causes, detection problems and responsibilities
  • Police brutality: the most high-profile cases
  • Corruption in the police of third world countries
  • Cybercrime: difficulties of detection and punishment
  • Juvenile delinquency: should the punishment be the same as for adults?
  • How to prevent street young banditry?
  • The influence of subcultures on the growth of adolescent banditry
  • Issues of legalization of marijuana: pros and cons
  • Antidepressants, sedatives, painkillers – medicines or drugs?
  • Racial crime: the most famous cases
  • The difference between women’s and men’s prisons
  • Medicine in US prisons
  • The death penalty: pros and cons
  • Connectivity of sexual crimes and religion
  • How to prevent domestic violence and punishments for this crime
  • Justice for mentally ill criminals
  • Does the current US justice system need to change?

Of course, this is only an approximate list of topics for an argumentative essay. However, we hope at least some of them can inspire you. If not, we have a good offer.

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Be considerate and ethical

We hope we have helped you understand the basics of writing argumentative essay topics about the criminal justice system. Whatever theme you choose for your argumentative essay, remember to follow ethical standards. No matter how controversial the problem you want, stay objective, respectful, and responsive.

The biggest challenges when writing an essay

What are the good topics in the criminal justice argumentative essay? 

The main thing is to choose a topic that will primarily interest you. Only then will you be able to interest the reader. It is best to choose a controversial topic – for example, policy topics, problems in jails and prisons, topics on the death penalty, about racism and discrimination, the justice system, or juvenile justice. 

What should I write an argument about?

Choosing a topic is a complicated process. However, you should always remember that your item should be relevant, what personal contribution you can make to the research, whether someone has previously worked on this topic and what contribution your research has made to the global justice system.

What are the three components that make up the criminal justice system?

Law enforcement, court, and corrections – three pillars you should lean on to build a successful legal career. Law enforcement is responsible for upholding the law, investigating crime and apprehending for committing the crime. The court resolves various disputes and administers justice following the rule of law. Corrections include government agencies that provide the punishment, treatment, and supervision of persons who have been convicted of crimes. 

What does ethics mean in criminal justice?

Ethics are actually the very foundation of the criminal justice system. Ethics governs all aspects of the legal system. This applies to police interaction with the community, lawyers’ relations with clients, and even personal attitudes and cooperation with the judiciary.